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I was able to meet so many students, not only from California but also as far away as Canada, which helped alleviate the concern about being the only college libertarian. The speakers, but also the students who attended the conference impressed me. I now not only have a network in which to advance liberty but also a group of friends in which I can be myself.

Conor McGarry, former SFL Campus Coordinator

I heard about SFL’s Carolina conference randomly and made the trip on a whim, but it ended up being one of the best decisions of my life. Upon arriving, I knew very few people but was immediately connected with many like-minded individuals in my region who have since become not only great professional resources but great friends as well.


Brittany Wilson, SFL Southeast Programs Director

What incredible luck, what an honour, that I was in the right area, geographically and politically, to experience this conference, which ultimately changed my ideas, and my life, for the better.

Vanessa Walsh, former SFL Campus Coordinator

Not even two hours into the 2013 New York Regional Conference, I was sold on the liberty movement. I had been involved with LGBT and general social justice activism for all of high school, and I never felt like I could accomplish anything on a larger scale until I was introduced to Students For Liberty. That single day taught me more about what activism is supposed to be about than anything I’d been involved with previously.

Juliana Perciavalle, former SFL Campus Coordinator

The evening key note speaker left me absolutely speechless. Tom Palmer was, and still remains one of the most inspiring speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. Everything I heard that day just made so much sense to me. I found myself nodding yes at almost everything everyone said, and jotting down pages and pages of notes. In retrospect, I must have looked insane, but I was so excited about everything that I was learning.

Brittany Little, former SFL Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

My favorite part was seeing the growth and involvement of individuals within the libertarian movement. The fact that this conference exists is testimony to the movement, and I am proud of everyone who is involved or simply intellectually considering the ideas discussed amongst libertarians.


Michael Pallante, student at Florida State