Breakout Sessions : Pittsburgh

When Goods Don’t Cross Borders, Soldiers Will: Capitalism Keeps the World Safe

Just as two countries that share a common culture rarely go to war with each other, two countries with major McDonald’s locations in them have never gone to war with each other for a reason. Capitalism provides a common language and framework for dispute resolution and a strong set of incentives to keep people from engaging in violence. It’s entrepreneurs and capitalists who keep us safe, not diplomats or a military. In this talk, Slayback explores how global capitalism sets up a framework for peace and violence reduction and makes the case that those interested in making the world a safer place should go into business — not politics.



Discover Praxis: Reinventing the Apprenticeship

Join Zak Slayback, Ivy League dropout and Praxis founding team member, and hear how Praxis is changing the face of higher education and entrepreneurship. Hear success stories from young people who broke the mold and apprenticed at high growth startups and what has been learned in several years of challenging the status quo.


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